MAUSER K98 - Norwegian rebuild in 30-06 calibre.

A very nice Mauser k98 in a very useable calibre ( is allowed on some ranges where 8mm Mauser would exceed the range safety limits ) This is one of the rifles surrendered by the defeated German troops in Norway in the closing stages of WW2. The best rifles ( early war production ) were hand picked by the Norwegians and totally rebuilt using brand new 30-06 barrels and marked as 7.62" because 7.62x51 Nato did not exist as a calibre yet. This particular rifle was one of those rebuilt in 1953 according to my research. 

A set of reproduction German turret mounts has been fitted to facilitate use of an early Pecar telescopic sight. Again, this series of telescopic sight dates to the early 1950s. This particular set-up was chosen to allow the user to compete in NRA UK matches with a "pre 1955" criteria. The rifle can be used as is in "Service rifle open" or in "Service rifle A" when the scope is swung off ( returns to zero ) The shooter can alternatively leave the scope in situ and use the iron sights by means of see through tunnel in the mounts.

Price reduced to only £1000

e-mail or call 07583 533 892 anytime.


e-mail or call 07583 533 892 anytime.