This is a beautifully minimalist rifle bag that secures and protects the rifle without adding too much weight/ fatigue. Webbing lashing points allow you to secure the bag to the side of your rucksack or quadbike etc using your own straps or bungee cords.

Secure and tight fit with roll closure.
Protect the rifle from dirt and dust.
Minimalist design with no unwanted pouches.
No padding for minimum weight.

Length: 145 cm

Ideal for any situation where you want discreet and minimalist protection for your rifle.

Sale price £35


This is a lightweight shooting mat for when you want to stay out of the dirt. To save weight only the elbow area is padded - the rest of the mat is first and foremost to keep you dry and clean. Up front there is a solid zipper that opens up 4 small storage rooms for your shooting log and other small items. Corner loops allow pegging down on a windy day. 

The shooting mat folds easily into a compact package.

Can be looped onto your belt or popped into your range bag or rucksack.

Length: 172 cm
Width: 73 cm
Weight: 800 grams

Sale price £55

Back to basics

An new approach to shooting mats and rifle carrying systems.

Look around and you will see plenty of shooting mats on offer. However, all are aimed at the range shooter who does not have to carry his kit too far. They are too heavy and bulky.

The same applies to shooting cases / drag bags. They are perfect for the range but too heavy and overloaded with features not needed in the field.

Introducing the BASIC MAT and the BASIC BAG..................

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