Wide footprint = superior stability

TRG compatible with  dedicated spigot

A revolutionary idea in tactical and precision rifle bipods. Influenced by designs used in heavy duty bipods fitted to larger rifles such as .50 calibre rifle systems.

This bipod is rugged yet lightweight. The bipod itself has a total weight of under 600 grams. Low profile yet wide stance for the ultimate in stability. Buy one bipod and several adaptors and transfer bipod from rifle to rifle in seconds !

TYPE A bipod is primarily designed for mounting on a top picatinny or weaver rail which gives cant facility.

                               The pendulum effect means minimal effort is needed to maintain vertical position. Wide footprint.

                               Unsurpassed stability in a tactical bipod.

TYPE B bipod is designed for mounting on the bottom picatinny rail or front of your stock. Fits any versapod type spigot.

​                               Offering the same wide footprint and unsurpassed stability as the original type A bipod.

​I can supply TYPE B with adaptors for Accuracy International type chassis and Sako TRG - see photographs below. I can also supply adaptors for practically any rifle using my Type B bipod- just tell me what rifle you have and I will procure a solution.

Unsurpassed stability - try one and you want one !!

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            STRONG YET LIGHT​​                               MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS

Compact stowed position - LMT rifle / Nightforce 56mm scope


To order - please contact  phoenix.services@hotmail.com

We will soon be offering an adaptor for use with ANSCHUTZ / UIT type rails.

Watch this space for photos and further details.

"Type A" Bipod including quick release top mount adaptor - only £290.

For Accuracy International AW / AICS, Whiskey 3 Chassis, traditional wood stocks and Sako TRG options, I can supply the "Type B" bipod with the appropriate adaptor for your rifle at £290 or Type B bipod alone ( use your own spigot ) at £240.

7" - 9"

TYPE B bipod fitted to Accuracy International chassis system

Universal spigot ( screw in )

Simply screw to the underside of your traditional wooden stock.

Universal spigot ( embed )

Simply drill a hole in the front of your stock and glue / pin this adaptor in place.

TYPE A bipod with top mounting adaptor on LMT .308 rifle.

​                                  8" - 11"



Phoenix Universal Picatinny Rail adaptor.

Can be used with Type A on top rail or Type B on bottom rail.

SAKO TRG and WHISKEY 3 adaptor for TYPE B bipod.


The TYPE B bipod is available in two different heights.

The 6.5" to 8" and the 7" to 9" bipods are best suited to bolt action rifles with short magazines where the shooter wants the lowest position. These are usually kept in stock being best sellers.

However, I can supply a 8" to 11" which is ideal for the shooter with a larger build or longer magazine where extra height is required. These are made to special order with a 4 week lead time on average.

Bipods measured vertically from centre of spigot hole to ground level.