A very nice LMT 308 SP in .308 calibre.

Modifications include -

Side charging handle conversion.

A2 Buttstock in olive green.

Ergo Tactical Dluxe Grip in olive green

Rail covers in olive green.

Custom fitted low profile 12 o clock bipod mount.

Phoenix Fortmeier bipod with optional claw feet ( ski feet or spike feet can be arranged if you prefer )

A number of Magpul 10 and 20 round magazines.

Currently fitted with a mint Nightforce NXS 12-42 x 56 scope with the NP2DD reticle and low profile scope rings. The rifle can be supplied with or without telescopic sight. 

No muzzle brake or sound moderator fitted - Photo for illustrative purposes only - I will supply upon request, a muzzle brake or sound moderator of the buyers choice.

Sale price

Rifle alone ( with magazines and bipod, no sights, no muzzle device ) £2400

Rifle with telescopic sight, magazines, bipod and mounts £3300

Muzzle brake / sound moderator will depend on that specified by buyer but I recommend a brand new ASE UTRA Compact which I can supply at below the RRP.



A Molot Vepr 12 shotgun which has been modified from standard. Modifications include -

AR style buttstock with AK grenade launcher rubber buttpad and AR style raised cheekpiece. Hogue overmoulded pistol grip.

Rearsight replaced with picatinny rail mount and Burris Fastfire 3 red dot sight.

Special shorter barrel than standard ( 24" compared to 27" standard ) with permanently attached MOLOT muzzle brake.

This shotgun has seen little use - the previous owner only used it three times per year at NRA Target Shotgun Slug Matches. The very effective muzzle brake makes rapid firing very accurate and controllable. Unlike the earlier Saiga versions, the Molot is based on the heavier / more rigid Kalashnikov RPK light machine gun receiver. Again, unlike the previous model, it has an improved magwell and a bolt hold open facility. It also has a bolt release button for fast reloading from the bolt held open position. 

Comes with several 8 round and 5 round magazines. Ready to compete in NRA slug matches or Practical Shotgun events. Getting harder to find now with recent political events and sanctions in Russia / Ukraine. You will struggle to find a used example and a new one is virtually impossible.

Sale price £1400

MAUSER K98 - Norwegian rebuild in 30-06 calibre.

A very nice Mauser k98 in a very useable calibre ( is allowed on some ranges where 8mm Mauser would exceed the range safety limits ) This is one of the rifles surrendered by the defeated German troops in Norway in the closing stages of WW2. The best rifles ( early war production ) were hand picked by the Norwegians and totally rebuilt using brand new 30-06 barrels and marked as 7.62" because 7.62x51 Nato did not exist as a calibre yet. This particular rifle was one of those rebuilt in 1953 according to my research. 

A set of reproduction German turret mounts has been fitted to facilitate use of an early Pecar telescopic sight. Again, this series of telescopic sight dates to the early 1950s. This particular set-up was chosen to allow the user to compete in NRA UK matches with a "pre 1955" criteria. The rifle can be used as is in "Service rifle open" or in "Service rifle A" when the scope is swung off ( returns to zero ) The shooter can alternatively leave the scope in situ and use the iron sights by means of see through tunnel in the mounts.

Sale price £1200

e-mail phoenix.services@hotmail.com or call 07583 533 892 anytime.

Smith + Wesson Performance Centre .22 semi-auto rifle

This is a very clean Generation 1, Ruger Precision Rifle which has seen very little use - only 500 rounds fired. In 6.5 Creedmoor calibre.

Complete with the fire formed brass.

Phoenix Fortmeier 12 o clock mounted tactical bipod and Accushot rear monopod.

Three magpul magazines.

Custom muzzle brake and custom alloy takedown tool.     Please note - scope and mount already sold

The RRP on this package would be almost £2000.

Offered at a bargain price of only £1400


Smith + Wesson Performance Centre .22 semi-auto rifle with custom built reflex type sound moderator and accessories.

A very lightly used .22 semi auto rifle which has a specially built sound moderator fitted - very compact sound moderator and adds only 3" to the overall length. A very quiet and compact package equally useful for vermin control or target shooting.

Includes Hogue rubber overmoulded grip, Magpul BUIS folding back-up sights and two x 10rd magazines.

Will offer the buyer five hundred rounds of quality ammunition at a huge discount too.

More photographs to follow.

Sale price - £800

Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Action 6.5 Creedmoor

e-mail phoenix.services@hotmail.com or call 07583 533 892 anytime.