Morale patches

A unique idea - nobody else offers these !

Velcro backed embroidered fabric morale patches depicting the classic Figure 11 and Figure 14 targets well known to UK military forces and target shooters.

High quality embroidery.

Sale price - £11 each or £19 for the pair

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NIGHTFORCE Morale Patch.

Velcro backed in FDE colour.

Approx 3" wide.

Sale price - £10 each.

Polished stainless steel "Figure 14 target" keyring.

The "Fig 14" is the classic target used by UK military forces in training. Anybody who has completed the sniper course will remember it. It is now also used in civilian competition in "Civilian Service Rifle" and the famous"McQueen" competitions at Bisley.

The keyring is a nice chunky item. In highly polished stainless steel. The Fig 14 target is laser engraved with the reverse left blank for future engraving as a gift or even prize etc.

A unique item - I had these specially commissioned.

Sale price - £12

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