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A completely new concept in suppressors - a DIY kit allowing the shooter to build a suppressor to fit their own particular requirements. Can be used on .22 rimfire, airsoft, air rifles, deactivated firearms, movie props - the possibilities are endless.

I can supply titanium tubes threaded at both ends to accept titanium muzzle mounting caps in ( 1/2" x 28 and 5/8" x 24 ) and titanium end caps ( pre-drilled to suit .22 calibre but also available undrilled so you can drill yourself to suit your particular calibre / projectile ) Add to these, some alloy baffles ( two types - large volume baffles which can be screwed together and smaller non-screwing stackable baffles ) and alloy spacing rings which can be used to create expansion chamber/s.

The photograph below is an illustration of what an be achieved. This is our own AR platform CMMG type rifle in .22rf on which we used the above materials to permanently fit an integral over barrel suppressor - this allowed the shortest legally permitted barrel and overall length.

This approach can be used on any rifle or Long Barreled Pistol. It could also be used to replace faux suppressors with functioning items.

Easy to assemble with no tools required. Mix and match internals to achieve your particular sound suppression / weight / balance requirements.

The titanium tube will last a lifetime as will the titanium caps. The alloy baffles can easily be removed for cleaning or replacing very cheaply. We have put over 5000 rounds of high velocity and subsonic rounds through our test suppressor and there is no sign of excessive wear yet !

And unlike some other designs - failure / wear on one baffle ( the one nearest the muzzle suffers most wear ) does not render the unit fit for scrapping - simply remove that baffle and replace with another ( spares available at very reasonable cost )

The MAINLAND UK legal requirements -

A suppressor fitted to / used on a section one firearm requires a variation. However you CAN legally build your own suppressor without having a FAC variation in place, BUT prior to fitting it on your firearm, you MUST first have a variation for it. In short - these are just non-controlled parts UNTIL they are assembled and FIRST FITTED to a FAC rated firearm. From that point on, they must be listed on FAC.