Special offer - only one remaining.

Phoenix PDW buttstock for the AR15 platform.

In alloy with steel rods.

Much more rigid than many other collapsable buttstocks currently available.

RRP is £350 but you can have this one for only £200 and free postage !

Soviet issue field equipment dating to the Afghanistan invasion era. In brand new unissued condition though have been in storage in a cold war stockpile for decades.

Paratroop weapon dropcase. Designed to fit the AKSU variant. In heavy duty canvas with integral magazine pouch and external tape ties.

Four capacity canvas magazine pouch. In heavy duty canvas with twin belt loops and side pouch for oil bottle / cleaning kit. leather fasteners in lovely supple condition.

Sale price - £8 each

Contact - phoenix.services@hotmail.com

Soviet Military Surplus Items

Buck Knife

Traditional Buck fixed blade skinning knife.

Heavy duty ballistic nylon sheath.

Sale price - £29

Contact - phoenix.services@hotmail.com


Superior quality polyurethane with specific shock-absorbing properties. They are produced to cushion the trauma your bolt and receiver experience during normal cartridge discharge. Less recoil, better accuracy, faster follow-up shots, and tighter group. Significantly reduces bolt noise - especially noticeable when using a sound suppressor.

No gunsmithing required - simple drop-in item.

Sale price - £5


Improved Ruger Precision Rifle Bolt Take-down Tool

Have you already broken the plastic take-down tool that came with your rifle ? Or worried that it will break just when you need it most ? Throw it away and replace it with this one crafted in aluminium.

Sale price - £40


Do you have a little free play between your AR upper and lower ? Then you need one of these. Simply fit it inside the lower by the takedown pin and instantly remove all that slack.


Sale price - £4